Those trained to deliver Scientology ceremonies and other spiritual counseling are referred to as ministers. It is a prerequisite for permanent certification as an auditor to become an ordained minister, but one need not have this certification to become officially ordained in the Church of Scientology.

Ministerial Training

To become an ordained Scientology minister, one goes through a training program that addresses not only the Scientology religion but includes an understanding of all the great religions of the world. The minister-in-training would learn to deliver all Scientology ceremonies as well as other ministerial services and would be officially ordained in the Church of Scientology.

The Chaplain

In a Church of Scientology, the Chaplain is an official position. This is the person who conducts Sunday Services and presides at official ceremonies. But the Chaplain also ministers to Scientologists on a more personal level. Indeed, it is well known within the Scientology community that if there is some personal difficulty threatening one’s life or one’s family or one’s spiritual progress, the Chaplain is always available for counseling and guidance.